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10 Aug 2016

Every business is on the lookout for multiplying their revenue generation cycle, earn customer trust, and outflank the competition. The strategic decision that businesses undertake to outsource their customer service to a call centre company proves erroneousespecially when their customers are not treated the way they actually should be. Not to mention, whenever you call a customer agent, you are likely to hear “this call maybe recorded for quality and training purposes”. Are these calls really recorded? Well, the statement serves the two purposes – first, fulfilling the legal requirement and intimating the callers that their call maybe recorded whenever needed; and secondly, to keep the agents cautious that their supervisor is listening.

However, the question that strikes here is, are contact centres recording calls for quality and training purposes?

According to a study, less than 1% of all recorded calls are only scrutinized. The truth is, most of the call centres utilize these calls to make real quality or training decisions.

With such low rates of call monitoring, it is intricate to gauge the performance of the overall call centre. This, in turn, results either in an arbitration process or in a messy training. To be honest, both of these can only lead to loss of capital and valued resources.

If evaluation can have such a drastic impact on business’s bottom line, then why call centres India are not serious about it. Why they don’t monitor or evaluate the quality of the calls their customer care representatives are handling.

The answer is, many of them can’t accomplish the aforementioned because they lack resources. 

If we look forward to a typical contact center agent and customer interaction review process, it starts with the supervisor or quality analyst that has been assigned the task of monitoring calls. Well, it goes without saying that reviewing all the calls at a time is not possible for a supervisor, as it takes a good amount of time. Typically, five to six calls per agent is reviewed on a monthly basis, which is again less 1% of the calls they handle per month. On top of it, if a business is looking forward to record particular calls of customers, it would make you time corrupt. Herein, choosing profitable Call Centre outsourcing is a prudent option.

Time eating process: There is no doubt that manual call assessment process will not only be time consuming and intricate, but also it will incur hefty outlays to bring experienced auditors to keep up with the quality metrics.

 Adopt Automated Analytics:

The best way to deal with this situation is to use automated analytics, which allows recording all the calls of the customers. Plus, all these calls can be then assessed to ensure quality adherence.

An automated analytics can help a call centre provider to ensure superior customer experience without worrying about hefty costs. This system works according to the defined keywords and phrases, like, and sentiment. Moreover, this advanced automated analytics possesses the capability to utilize more information, such as caller history and customer care agent desktop activity, to derive insights and establish correlations between different business operations.

Gain - The automatic categorization of customer calls helps in eliminating the need for hiring additional supervisors or quality auditors, making it faster and easier.

The Final Word:

By using automated analytics, call centres can quickly and prudently record and analyze each customer call that comes into their contact center. This helps in boosting overall call centre performance and discovering the weakest link, where attention is most needed.

Remember call monitoring is important for an unstoppable growth and building customer trust.


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