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21 Sep 2016
Whether it is a small or large scale business, persons make hundreds of decisions each year. Among them, only few are strategic such as those that comprised of certain investments like specific products and services, operations management, innovation and customer service. Within the customer service, you would see a complicated mash up of functions and processes ranging from call centre operations management to customer surveys. In order to effectively outsource call centre operations, a company first analyse its internal client service aspects, determine all the shortcomings and advantages of outsourcing, create an outsourcing plan, choose service providers and implement the outsourcing plan respectively.        

Here are the steps that you should consider to effectively choose outsourcing call centre services:

Analyse internal business practices: Before making any final decision, a company first determine what its internal practices are. Important things which a business need to consider are client service staff hiring, employees’ morale, training objectives and customer surveys. While analysing current internal practices, a business must give utmost attention to technology. To put it simply, it must use state-of-the art software and equipment to track client feedback consistently. In this process, an organisation must pay close attention to client service delivery, global sourcing strategy and proper use of technology. 
Identify risks and benefits: After analysing internal business practices, a company must identify the risks and benefits associated with suitable outsourced call centre services. Well, companies are worried about time zone difference and communication gap while hiring a third party vendor. So, this is essential to first check these aspects before making any decision. When we consider benefits, there are a number of advantages a company can harness by outsourcing call centre services to a third party service provider. 

Create an outsourcing plan: The next step is to create an outsourcing plan by keeping all business requirements in mind. An effective outsourcing plan must include estimating, personal scheduling, capacity planning and queuing. The last element is critical because that is how a business can maintain a perfect balance between making customers wait for a few minutes and serve them quickly. 

Choose service providers: To smoothly operate business functions, it is important to choose a service provider with utmost care. A company selects third party service providers by considering various parameters. These include financial solidity, reputation, regulatory compliance, market position, staff capacity, etc. 

Implement outsourcing plan: After considering all the above points, now it is the time to implement an outsourcing plan. To successfully implementing an outsourcing plan, the secret is to make sure the company’s operations meddle effectively with the service provider’s processes. 

Always consider these steps to effectively outsource call centre services which in turn boost business bottom line. 


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