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22 Oct 2016
Every marketing specialist or sales development professional has been facing such scenarios: Looking glassy-eyed at the canned lists of contacts that continue to dodge you despite the significant time investment. One prospect from the list promised to call back but never did while another contact relocated. Or maybe your work schedule has been so packed that you forgot to take follow up with the promised prospect. Or perhaps you prepare yourself to start a LinkedIn group and invited all your hottest leads– and then never distribute or share a single post.
No matter what the reason is, your list of prospect leads appears cold with no hope of renewal. But before you thrash that cold list, consider these tips to cultivate great business deals from dwindling cold list.

Make it simple: One of the great challenges that sales development team faces is communicating the value proposition of their products/services in a way that is both effective and concise. In this advanced time where an idea can be expressed in 140 characters or less than that, getting stuck in features, detailed specifications lead to hung-up users on mid-sentence. This clearly indicates that customers don’t want to hear details. So, it is the time to do a little homework before re-engaging prospects. Focus on the customer pain-points and then whittle down your script in a way that highlights your product/service as a solution to their problems. Many B2C lead generation companies are focusing on this metric to generate quality leads. 
Don’t ask for money: Customers get bored with the detailed specification (including pricing details) and make their mind turn towards other competitors. If prices are really a key differentiator, then you should feel free to emphasise that feature. However, asking for feedback is the best use of your time rather than asking for money, at least at the initial phase. There is a right time for everything so make plans according to that.  
Envision for long-term association: You should not simply go for a one-and-done solution. Think ahead to your prospect’s need for future and stress on those points in your discussion. While communicating with a customer, show that you have done study by reading up on the company’s recent media coverage, by following their social media pages, and by participating in the webinars. Check out has there been any shake-ups that will affect their industry model? What key challenges do they face in the upcoming years? After envisioning all these aspects, you should prepare a plan that constitutes how your product or service help address their issues. 

Mix it up: To cultivate best business deals, it is important to do experiment with different follow-up cadences for phone calls. You should try sending emails in different time slots to determine which get the best response rates. For ex- Approach the chief-level executives on Sunday evenings because at this time they are likely to be online, aligning task for next day. In addition, connect with people on LinkedIn during the platform’s peak hours. Also, perform A/B test to identify which messages resonate and adjust your email campaign accordingly.  
Keep a close eye on competitors: Most of the times it happens with every sales force personnel that they lost cold lead to a competitor. Don’t let this happen. Always make sure that nothing is permanent and that your previous prospect might be facing problems with their new service or approaching the other service providers. Your stolen lead or previous prospect might even decide to do end of the contract with the competitor due to some reasons. So, this is the great opportunity for you to grab those leads.   

These are the important ways through which best lead generation call centre can make the most out of their cold leads list. 


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