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26 Dec 2016

Businesses facing stiff competition are continuously looking out for new opportunities to take a stride in the direction of success. Every business leader and sales development professional are struggling hard to achieve qualified leads to enhance business sales. It is true that acquiring new customers is quite difficult than reaping a great business deal with the old cold leads that are buried in your cold-case files.   Well, outbound marketing professionals staring glassy-eyed at the list of prospects with no hope of revival. But, before you eventually end the lifeline of such leads, consider these tips to recuperate the dead leads.     

Keep it simple: One of the tricky tasks that any sales representative at profitable outbound call centre faces is communicating the value proposition of their products and services in a way that is impactful and accurate. In this modern time where an idea is expressed in 140 characters limit, getting stuck in features, and details is a definite way to hung-up in the mid. If your prospect didn’t convert in to your initial pitch, odds are good that they don’t want to hear the details. Before approaching to that leads, do some little homework. Whittle down your script in order to focus on a specific problem of that customer. After that, tailor the pitch to highlight products and services in the form of solution to address their problems.

Don’t ask for money: Lengthy details about a product or service turns off a prospect than anything. If economics really matters, then you should feel free to highlight that fact in the details. But, asking for feedback is much valuable than asking for money, at least at the initial stage. There is a right time and place for everything.

Think ahead: Thinking ahead about your customer future based needs is the great way to cultivate good relationship. Show that you have done up with your homework by going through the latest news coverage and social media networks. What key challenges do they face in the future are some key points that you need to consider while addressing cold leads. In this way, you can nurture the cold leads and drive significant benefits.

Keep a close eye on competitors: Sometimes it happens you lose a lead to a competitor. Don’t get fade up with this feeling. Remember that nothing is permanent in this universe. This might happen that your former prospect may be experiencing issues with their new service. Your stolen lead might even decide to cancel a subscription with the competitor and get back to you.   

Choosing outbound call centre is the great way to revive your dead leads and thereafter improve business sales.


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