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31 Jan 2017

Customer service is paramount for businesses these days and there are various ways in which this can be ensured. With the increasing level of competition all across the globe, it has become significant for a business to keep its customers happy. Any business, irrelevant of its size, knows the importance of happy customers and works very hard to achieve the same. A lot needs to be done to gain customers trust and just one wrong step is enough to destroy it.

Companies do a lot for their customers but sometimes fail in very small ways to serve them and this failure costs a lot to these companies. A customer can need help at any given point of time, without any restriction of time or location, and if a company fails to serve its customer when he/ she needed it the most, then that company has lost a loyal customer forever. But it is practically impossible for a company to keep its functions operational all around the clock due to the exorbitant amounts of costs involved with it. Well, there is a solution to it and that is a 24 hour telephone answering service.

Mentioned below are a few reasons which will make you realize why a 24x7 phone answering service is a necessity.


Prompt and efficient handling: A 24 hour telephone answering service helps in handling customer and business calls which leads to prompt and efficient handling of issues, if there arise any. When a round-the-clock service is available at their disposal, they happen to be satisfied with the fact that whenever they would be needing any help, they can give a call and there problem would be resolved. This psychological satisfaction proves out to be of a great help when it comes down to assessing overall customer satisfaction.

Focus on core operations: When the non-core functions are contracted out to a call centre, it gives the company the freedom to focus on other important tasks while the less important ones are taken care by call centres. It is of utmost importance to realize here that it is very crucial for the management to keep their focus on the most important facets of the business, as these are the tasks which will be making or breaking it for the company in the long run.

No unnecessary staffing costs: One other reason why reliable 24 hour telephone answering service is so advantageous for businesses is that it saves the additional costs of staffing, something which companies would have incurred if they didn’t outsource their operations. Because of outsourcing, a company is able to save up on the capital costs which it would have incurred if it had to set up the infrastructure by itself.

Satisfied customers: When the customers are given prompt service and their issues are resolved even at wee hours then customers tend to show higher levels of loyalty towards the brand. Customer satisfaction is something which depends on various factors and being available for your customer always tops the list. So if the organisation is able to accomplish it then it can be sure to improve its CSAT score.

Expert conduct: Yet another manner in which phone answering service is beneficial is that when a company outsources its operations to an expert institute, executives working there are trained and the institute has the latest technology and equipment at its disposal. Because of this they are able to handle customers efficiently and the company is able to deliver expert services at a much lower cost.

All in all there are multiple reasons because of which a round-the-clock phone answering service is a necessity for any business. The importance of it is high and the benefits are many, so any business which wants to maintain its position in this globally competitive world has to match up with the rising demands and expectations of customers and a 24 hour telephone answering service is one of them.


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