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28 Mar 2017

Many of the management professionals have experienced this undeniable aspect of management function. Some of the industry experts have also accepted to micromanaging their teams in the initial stages of their careers. These managers were too focused on how the performance of their team members reflected on them as managers.

Reflecting upon the functioning of the BPO industry, it is not advisable for managers to adopt this practice. It is certainly not an easy thing to implement. It is because of this inability to resist their temptations to lead their team from the front is what actually leads to their downfall. The prominent lead generation companies UK conduct special training for their managers to curb their instinct and divert their actions towards the more productive activity like nurturing of employee’s strengths.

Let us now discuss in detail some of the best ways to trade off micromanagement with a more conducive style of leadership:

Incorporate employees in goal-setting process

The basic justification behind a manager’s micromanagement tendencies is their fear that his/her team members might end up making him/her look bad. There is a sense of insecurity that if a team member fails to deliver, it would considered as his/her personal failure in leading a team appropriately. It is because of this insecurity that a few mangers in lead generation companies UK assign the task to their subordinates not based on individual potential, but rather what they want out of them. Evidently, these managers lacked motivation and did not feel authorised enough to take risk. This might act as demotivating factor for many employees and will also lead to their turnover. The key, however, lies in getting employees involved with the goal-setting process so that they are able to visualise the purpose in their work. This will act as a motivating factor for many employees trying to make a difference.

Personalise employee recognition

In BPO industry, it has often been observed that there is an inherent disconnect in most of the employee-recognition programs. Yes, employees and their efforts are acknowledged, but even their rewards are micromanaged by their managers. Rewards, being chosen by organisation’s top management makes the entire exercise meaningless to employees. Managers from good lead generation companies UK focus on personalising the rewards as per employee’s needs. This acts as motivating factor for many employees as they are rewarded with something that they actually desire.

Concentrated feedback on results

A good constructive feedback encourages an employee to learn and grow. A constructive feedback is not merely focused on what needs to be done instead of current practices as such a practice will make an employee feel caged. Employees in leading lead generation companies UK look for guidance and do not like being micromanaged by their managers. The best feedback pertains to how the current process needs to be improved to achieve the desired results.

It can thus be derived from the above discussion that micromanagement in BPO industry can be detrimental to the achievement of goals. It often reduces the productivity and brings in a sense of monotony to the work processes. 


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