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17 Nov 2017

If there’s one thing which the call centres outsourcing industry is notoriously known about, then it has to be the attrition rate of agents. The sector is infamous for its inability to retain its talent and this has surely created some major problems for the industry in general. Blame the work pressure or the lack of a conducive physical environment, people working in a call centre aren’t very pleased with their work profiles. As a result of the numerous unfavourable factors, agents lack motivation, become unproductive and end up leaving the organisation. This affects the company in more ways than one and because of the loss of talented workforce, the business ends up suffering to great extents.

Though the very nature of a call centre is such that attrition is inevitable, but by taking certain productive steps the call centres outsourcing companies can ensure that their agents stay with them for a longer duration of time. Achieving high levels of agent engagement is difficult but it surely isn’t impossible. The successful firms in the business have won the trust of their workforce and have been efficacious in retaining them. The question which arises here is how are they actually able to do it? Well, this article will shed some light on the ways these successful call centres achieve the goal of agent engagement.

Reward and recognition:
The most effective tips are generally the simplest. The very nature of the human psychology is such that we are thirsty for appreciation. Whether it is in the form of monetary reward or a word of praise, small gestures of recognition work amazingly well in boosting the morale of agents. Recognising and rewarding the best talent doesn’t just work as a means of motivation for them as it also works extensively well in instilling a sense of enthusiasm in others for receiving similar accolade. Also, this is one of the best ways of fostering a conducive environment and restoring the energy levels in the organisational setup.

Empower agents:
On one hand the agents are expected to deliver impeccable solutions to the customers and on the other hand they aren’t provided with enough freedom to use their knowledge in their own way. Though there do exist certain standards which employees must follow, but restricting them and expecting that they will behave in a way which will doesn’t use their experience to the maximum limit. Undeniably, call centre executives possess a plethora of skills and knowledge which can be of great use to the company. By empowering them to provide services as per their discretion, call centres outsourcing firms don’t just put their skills to good use but also instil a sense of confidence in agents which helps in engaging them better.

Opportunities for career development:
If at any given point of time call centre agents feel that they don’t have a future in the organisation, they would leave without any second thoughts. In order to retain their agents, companies need to put in efforts to build a strong career path for the agents which would help them in enhancing the bond which they share with them. Apart from offering a generic growth path, call centre outsourcing verticals can also create specific development programs which segregate the top performers from the crowd. Devising separate development track for high potential employees will help the company in preparing competent people for key roles. Doing so won’t just craft the best talent, but would also enable the business in engaging its agents to a great extent.

If the valuable and talented workforce keeps on leaving the call centres outsourcing firm, the business would be left with no other option but to devote time and effort in acquiring more people and training them. In order to save the losses, it becomes extremely vital to start working on retaining and engaging the agents.


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