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23 Nov 2017

We are living in the digital age where technology has become an indispensable part of our personal and professional lives. As technology is very dynamic, in each regard there are numerous advancements which are taking place on a routine basis. The industry of call centres is no different as the trade has been witnessing a plethora of progressive changes since the past some time. With the increasing emphasis on customer service, conducting the operations in a manner which satiate the desires of the company while meeting the high expectations of customers has become a difficult balance to strike. In order to achieve both of these goals successfully, call centres invariably need the assistance of impeccable technological solutions which help them in improving the overall functionality of the contact centre.

It is a fact known to all that call centres in India are known for their great service and efficacious assistance. The contact centres based in the Indian subcontinent swear by the new advancements in the technological front and are continuously using these tools to enhance the level of service being extended to clients. To help the readers understand better, here are four of the most vital technologies which have changed the face of the call centre industry.

Automatic Call Distributor:
Automatic Call Distributor is a telephonic system which identifies, answers and directs incoming calls to those agents who hold the potential to assist the caller. Not all the agents of the call centre possess a similar skillset and expertise. As a result of this, some are more proficient than others in certain domains. All efficient Call centres in India make the best out of this discrepancy with the help of ACD. This technology helps contact centres in understanding the route where the calls need to be channelized in order to maximise the levels of customer satisfaction.

Voice biometrics:
A majority number of times, call centres have access to critical customer information including their personal and financial details. This makes it vital for the agents to ensure that they cross-verify the identity of the caller in order to authenticate that the right person is calling. In an attempt to confirm the individual’s identity, agents end up asking numerous questions which occupy a lot of time and also irritate the customers. By means of voice biometrics, a caller’s identity can be authenticated via the human voice which is unique to each individual. Usage of such technology helps in preventing any kind of frauds while saving the valuable resources of the contact centre.

In order to provide instant gratification to customers, availability of their information is necessary. A CRM software gives a 360 degree view of customer’s info to the agents and this helps the representatives immensely in solving customer queries within a matter of minutes. By having a proper documented record of the history and other related information of customers, agents are able to identify the problem and provide suitable solution without having to interrogate the caller. In addition to this, adequate CRM systems assist companies in providing a detailed overview of interactions with customers to the employees while keeping the entire system transparent. Availability of such systems has helped call centres in India to reach the top in the domain of keeping the customers apprised and happy throughout their association with the brand.

Workforce Management Software:
This software is used by call centres to predict the volume of customer interactions which they might receive through the numerous channels of communication including, but not limited to, phone, email and instant message. By forecasting such needs, management can anticipate the optimal number of agents which will be required to effectively address the needs of callers, thereby assisting them in hiring the appropriate talent in advance to meet the set standards of service.

Call centres in India have climbed to the top with the help of talented workforce and latest technologies. Thus, aforementioned advancements can help companies to great extents.


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