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21 May 2018

21 Mar 2017

There is a very strong connection between outbound call centre and the growth of the business. As the time is flowing by, there is a considerable increase in the expectations of customers towards brands and their product offerings. There is a significant increase in the competition levels as well, and to fight the competition, companies started coming out with all sorts of innovations, additional offers and benefits to retain as many customers as possible. This cat-fight among the companies proved out to be very beneficial for the customers as they are able to get good quality products at competitive prices. As a company grows, it expands in all directions, and therefore, it gets impossible for the management to take care of...

26 Dec 2016

Businesses facing stiff competition are continuously looking out for new opportunities to take a stride in the direction of success. Every business leader and sales development professional are struggling hard to achieve qualified leads to enhance business sales. It is true that acquiring new customers is quite difficult than reaping a great business deal with the old cold leads that are buried in your cold-case files.   Well, outbound marketing professionals staring glassy-eyed at the list of prospects with no hope of revival. But, before you eventually end the lifeline of such leads, consider these tips to recuperate the dead leads.     

Keep it simple: One of the tricky tasks that any sales representative...